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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Pain Articles


Brain's pain centre found

11th March 2015

British scientists have spotted area of brain linked to pain intensity.

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Tolerance to pain is genetic

22nd April 2014

Chronic pain can come from numerous sources, but it is not known why certain people feel more than pain than others.

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Elderly pain linked to restless sleep

14th February 2014

Study suggests restless sleep is strongest predictor of onset of widespread pain among adults over 50.

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Study suggests social interaction can 'ease pain'

18th October 2012

New study says companionship and social interaction could ease pain linked to nerve damage.

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Sad feelings make pain worse

1st May 2012

Two studies support the view that what a person is looking at, and possibly feeling, increases their pain at a physical level.

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Childhood adversity linked to later ill-health

8th August 2011

Childhood abuse, family violence and parental mental disorders are linked to a higher risk of chronic disease in adulthood.

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Chronic pain linked to road accidents

22nd March 2011

Researchers find people who have accidents are 84% more likely to develop chronic pain.

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Negative thoughts can stop painkillers working

17th February 2011

Researchers say pessimism could render painkillers ineffective.

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Looking at body can reduce pain

10th February 2011

A study has found pain is reduced by what you look at.

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Action needed on long-term pain

11th January 2011

A survey has found many people who suffer chronic pain were not given the help or support needed to deal with it.

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