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Monday 21st May 2018

Infertility Articles


Infertility doubled by stress

24th March 2014

Women with high stress levels are less likely to get pregnant within 12 months of trying.

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Non-invasive test hope for infertile men

21st November 2013

Scientists develop a non-invasive test for infertile men that could reduce surgery.

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Artificial testicle to help infertile men

20th January 2012

Scientists say an artificial testicle could help solve male infertility.

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Egg donor compensation set to triple

19th October 2011

Egg donors are set to receive £750 in a new payment arrangement by the UK fertility watchdog.

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Male infertility treatment breakthrough

6th June 2011

Queen's University Belfast develop a new test for male infertility.

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Test to pick healthiest embryo

12th October 2010

A new test could help infertile couples conceive in IVF breakthrough.

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Egg flaws in older women clue found

3rd September 2010

Scientists say they are close to discovering why older women can produce abnormal eggs.

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Endometriosis is more than just period pain

16th February 2010

Doctors often dismiss endometriosis as chronic period pain, but it can make a women infertile.

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IVF success rates online

30th September 2009

The HFEA is lauching a new website to provide IVF patients with detailed information on UK clinics.

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Health breakthroughs will be welcomed

15th April 2009

Potential scientific breakthroughs in cancer and infertility will be welcomed by so many.

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