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Friday 20th April 2018

Leukaemia Articles


Cancer drug company investigated

17th May 2017

The European Commission is investigating drug company who allegedly excessively increased prices of cancer drugs.

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British baby receives genetically modified immune cells

6th November 2015

British baby becomes first in the world to be given genetically-edited immune cells and is now cancer free.

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Leukaemia cases could soar

27th February 2015

Study suggests genetic errors of healthy people in their 90s could lead to leukaemia.

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Stem cell donor found for leukaemia sufferer

22nd May 2014

60-day search for stem cell donor ends in success for young couple.

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Young couple desperately seeking stem cell donor

6th May 2014

Bride-to-be has 60 days to find her future husband, who is battling leukaemia, a stem cell donor.

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Leukaemia not linked to power lines

7th February 2014

A study says childhood leukaemia risk is not linked to overhead power lines.

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Genetic signature linked to leukaemia found

14th January 2014

Scientists have found a genetic signature linked to childhood leukaemia.

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No increased risk of cancer from nuclear plants

13th September 2013

A study shows children living near nuclear plants do not have a higher risk of developing leukaemia.

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Root cause of leukaemia tracked back to womb

9th April 2013

Research finds leukaemia's root genetic cause begins in the womb.

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Mutations linked to leukaemia discovered

4th February 2013

Researchers link reemergence of common type of childhood leukaemia to specific gene mutations.

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