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Thursday 19th September 2019

Fast Food Articles


Young people eating fast food twice a day

30th September 2016

One in six young people eat fast food twice a day according to the BBC Good Food Nation Survey.

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Healthy New Towns revealed

1st March 2016

Simon Stevens reveals 10 sites to be part of Healthy New Towns programme.

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Restaurant meals full of fat

3rd July 2015

Survey in America finds restaurant meals are as unhealthy as fast food.

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Fast food ban at school gates

23rd January 2013

Call for fast food outlets to be banned near schools.

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Hygiene ratings go ahead in Wales

23rd January 2013

Wales will become first in the UK to force restaurants to display hygiene rates.

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Mexico hit by diabetes epidemic

6th December 2012

Mexico's diabetes epidemic linked to American-based fast food.

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McDonald's adds calorie counts to menus

18th September 2012

The hamburger chain will now tell diners how many calories are in its Big Mac. (It's 550, by the way.)

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Warning over salt content in children's meals

14th June 2012

An investigation has found children's meals in some fast food chains contain more salt than they should eat in a day.

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Snacking more likely if you are tired

12th June 2012

New research suggests unhealthy foods are more appealing when we are tired.

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'Healthy' drink launched by McDonald's

9th May 2012

In an effort to improve health credentials of its children's meals McDonald's to release Fruitizz, found to contain 12 spoonfuls of sugar.

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