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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Pesticides Articles


Exposure to pesticide linked to Alzheimer's

28th January 2014

US researchers suggest DDT exposure may increase risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

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Pesticide chemicals linked to food allergies

4th December 2012

Researchers in the US find a link between pesticide chemicals and food allergies.

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Texas hit by West Nile virus outbreak

21st August 2012

Authorities have launched a series of aerial pesticide spraying campaigns and are warning people to eliminate standing water.

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Apples top pesticide 'dirty dozen' list

19th June 2012

Apples top the list of agricultural produce with unacceptable levels of pesticide residues.

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Apples contain pesticide

15th June 2011

Study finds apples come in the top 12 of foods that contain most pesticide.

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Pesticides wrecking men's fertility

23rd February 2011

Research suggests pesticides on fruit and veg may be damaging male fertility.

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Bed bugs resistant to pesticides

20th January 2011

A genetic analysis has revealed bed bugs are developing a resistance against pesticides.

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New hope in filariasis battle

12th October 2010

The sequencing of the genome of the Culex group of mosquitoes, which carry roundworm, paves the way for new interventions.

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Pesticides linked to attention problems

19th August 2010

US researchers report that expectant mothers exposed to certain pesticides will cause attention problems for their children later on.

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Pesticides increase ADHD risk in children

19th May 2010

US research suggests chemicals used on crops and in household products increase risk of ADHD.

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