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Saturday 24th August 2019

Public Health Articles


Health starts failing at 47 in some parts of England and Wales

7th March 2018

Latest figures show health will start failing at 47.

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Britain should go on a diet

6th March 2018

Portion sizes in Britain should be cut.

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Floodwaters in Texas pose unique health risks

29th August 2017

US public officials say flooding from Hurricane Harvey increases health risks from skin rashes to bacterial and viral infections.

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Urgent action needed on public health

12th May 2017

Doctors' leaders warn the UK is facing a public health 'ticking time bomb'.

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Population-level public health strategies for cutting diabetes

7th February 2017

Research shows population weight control could prevent twice as many cases of type 2 diabetes.

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Average person will consume 6,000 calories this Christmas

21st December 2016

Figures released by the Royal Society for Public Health reveal the average person will consume about 6,000 calories on Christmas Day.

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Impact of Pokemon Go 'short-lived'

14th December 2016

Exercise impact of Pokemon Go has been short-lived, according to research.

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Bagged salad a Salmonella risk

21st November 2016

Study says bagged salad can fuel growth of Salmonella.

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Vitamin D should be taken during winter months

21st July 2016

Everyone should take vitamin D supplements in autumn and winter according to public health advice.

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Cuts to public health could fuel obesity rise in children

15th July 2016

Cuts to children's health services could cause a rise in childhood obesity according to senior health advocates.

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