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Tuesday 25th October 2016

Public Health Articles


Vitamin D should be taken during winter months

21st July 2016

Everyone should take vitamin D supplements in autumn and winter according to public health advice.

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Cuts to public health could fuel obesity rise in children

15th July 2016

Cuts to children's health services could cause a rise in childhood obesity according to senior health advocates.

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Eatwell Guide more beneficial than public health

15th June 2016

The Eatwell Guide promotes interests of food industry rather than public health.

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Climate change threatens human health

25th June 2015

Report says climate change is a major threat to global health.

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Health visitors fear funding cuts

11th June 2015

Health visitors fear they will be targeted in £200m public health budget cuts.

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E-cigarettes face ban in public places

9th June 2015

A new public health law means e-cigarettes will be banned in enclosed spaces in Wales.

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Tobacco packets to be standardised

3rd June 2015

Victory for public health as tobacco products are to be standardised.

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Focus on unhealthy eating to tackle obesity

22nd April 2015

Doctors say public messages about tackling obesity should focus more on unhealthy eating and less on exercise.

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Fitness apps could be harmful

15th April 2015

Leading GP suggests fitness apps don't improve health.

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Paracetamol should come with health warnings

3rd March 2015

Scientists say people taking paracetamol for a long period should be warned of possible side effects.

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