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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Vcjd Articles


vCJD blood test developed

3rd February 2011

British scientists have developed a blood test for variant CJD.

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More people could have vCJD

18th December 2009

It has been revealed that new case of vCJD could mean more people have the disease.

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Coroners won't test for vCJD

19th August 2009

Coroners have refused to test for vCJD during postmortems on the basis of neutrality.

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Carrier risk of vCJD 'overestimated'

22nd May 2009

HPA research has shown no evidence of vCJD in UK tissue samples.

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Haemophiliac vCJD confirmed

17th February 2009

First corroborated case of vCJD in a patient with haemophilia.

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New vCJD wave concerns

18th December 2008

Doctors fear a new wave of the human form of "mad cow disease" is about to hit Britain.

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Screening blood for vCJD unrealistic

21st October 2008

Screening donated blood for vCJD is unrealistic government advisors say.

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vCJD deaths in Spain

8th April 2008

Spanish media say two people have died after contracting the human form of mad cow disease.

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Blood screening warning

24th September 2007

Expert warns vCJD may become an endemic in UK unless blood screening is developed quickly.

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vCJD diagnosis hope

5th July 2007

Scientists hope to perfect a technique that will improve detection of mad cow disease in humans.

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