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Saturday 20th July 2019

Midwives Articles


Decline in EU nurses wanting to work in the UK

2nd November 2017

Figures show decline in EU nurses and midwives wanting to work in the UK is continuing.

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More nurses and midwives leaving than joining profession

3rd July 2017

Figures show a downward trend among British workers.

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NHS spending on agency midwives doubles

17th October 2016

The Royal College of Midwives has reported the NHS in England spent £25m on agency midwives last year.

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Call for better working conditions for midwives

14th October 2016

WHO and partners call for an end to the lack of respect that can hinder midwives' ability to provide quality of care.

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English language checks for EU nurses

19th January 2016

New rules mean nurses and midwives coming to Britain from EU will need to prove they are fluent in English.

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Student nurses and midwives protest

11th January 2016

Student nurses and midwives have marched in protest over grant cuts in England.

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Mobile tablets for Ealing midwives

9th March 2015

Ealing goes live with offline information systems to let midwives keep track of patient data.

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Midwives vote for strike

30th September 2014

Midwives will join other NHS workers in a strike over pay.

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New mums leave hospital too early

29th August 2014

A survey has found women are being discharged from hospital too soon after giving birth.

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Nurses reject proposals to raise registration fee

4th August 2014

A survey finds nurses are not happy with proposals to raise their registration fee by 20%.

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