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Sunday 27th May 2018

Mental Illness Articles


Sending mentally ill long distances unacceptable

11th February 2016

A report says sending mentally ill adults long distances for care must stop.

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Nightmares could lead to health issues

3rd March 2014

Researchers in the UK warn persistent nightmares in childhood could be sign of something more serious.

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Young army recruits at higher risk of mental illness

30th October 2013

Report suggests soldiers who joined the army before they were 18 are more likely to suffer from PTSD.

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Mentally ill should not be held in cells

9th September 2013

Senior police officer says police stations should stop being used as places to detain mentally ill.

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Father blames cannabis for son's death

10th April 2013

Father says son descended into mental illness after cannabis use and blames the drug for his death.

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Mental illness mortality rate three times population average

29th June 2012

New research suggests people with a serious mental illness have a mortality rate three times higher than the general population.

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Scientists grow brain cells

1st March 2012

Edinburgh scientists are growing brain cells to study mental illness.

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Mentally ill more likely to be victim of violence

28th February 2012

An international study shows mentally ill people are at a high risk of being a victim of violence.

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Shyness could be a mental illness

10th February 2012

New guidelines could mean shyness and bereavement are defined as a mental illness.

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Mental Illness Awareness Week

26th September 2011

Mental Illness Awareness Week aims to dispel the stigma associated with mental health.

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