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Friday 22nd June 2018

Chinese Articles


Chemical surgery performed on embryos in world first

28th September 2017

Chinese researchers say chemical surgery has been performed on human embryos to remove disease.

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Mushrooms 'slow weight gain'

24th June 2015

Researchers in Taiwan say mushrooms used in Chinese medicine reduces weight gain in animals.

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British GlaxoSmithKline executive accused in China probe

14th May 2014

Chinese authorities accuse British GSK executive of ordering staff to bribe hospital officials.

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Man's severed hand attached to his ankle

17th December 2013

It has been reported that Chinese doctors have saved a man's severed hand.

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Unlicensed Chinese medicine warning

23rd August 2013

High levels of lead found in Bak Foong Pills, used for the treatment of menstrual pain.

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Banned pills still on sale in UK

30th March 2010

Despite warnings a carcinogenic Chinese medicine is still being sold in the UK.

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New cures from Chinese medicines?

18th February 2008

British scientists are hoping to find new remedies from traditional Chinese medicines.

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China foods fail quality check

17th August 2007

The government said nearly 15% of Chinese food products failed recent quality check.

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Drug misuse kills thousands

21st May 2007

Improper use of legitimate drugs kills around 200,000 Chinese a year.

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Crackdown on illegal chinese medicine

17th November 2006

A new police campaign is to target shops in London selling products made from endangered animals.

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