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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Obese Articles


Obesity can lead to certain cancers

12th January 2018

Obesity linked to breast and bowel cancer.

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Food component that can reduce hunger

7th November 2017

Research shows food component reduces food intake and could help fight obesity.

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Two-thirds of adults in Northern Ireland are obese

25th October 2017

A health survey finds almost two thirds of adults in Northern Ireland are obese or overweight.

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Businesses pushing unhealthy food

7th September 2017

Health experts say the UK's obesity crisis is being fuelled by a marketing ploy called upselling.

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Obese risk heart disease even if medically healthy

15th August 2017

Experts are warning that people who are overweight or obese have an increased risk of heart disease even if they are 'fat but fit'.

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Obese patients face surgery delays

28th November 2016

Smokers and obese people will have routine surgery delayed in York.

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E-cigarettes could be used to help combat obesity

25th October 2016

Researchers find a potential new use for e-cigarettes.

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One in 10 children overweight

11th October 2016

Study suggests more than one in 10 primary school children are overweight or obese.

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Junk food ad ban unlikely

17th August 2016

The BBC understands a TV advert ban to try and curb obesity in children will not form part of the government's plan.

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Supermarkets should promote healthy foods

4th August 2016

Which? say supermarkets should concentrate on promoting healthy foods to assist in battle against obesity.

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