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Sunday 22nd September 2019

Obese Articles


Research suggests there are two phases to child obesity

28th April 2015

Researchers conclude there may be two distinct child obesity phases.

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Focus on unhealthy eating to tackle obesity

22nd April 2015

Doctors say public messages about tackling obesity should focus more on unhealthy eating and less on exercise.

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Survey finds parents rarely spot obesity

30th March 2015

Doctors warn parents rarely spot obesity in their children.

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Incomprehensible approach to obesity

25th March 2015

MPs the NHS spend more on bariatric surgery than preventative measures for obesity.

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Morbidly obese should be given free flu jab

18th March 2015

Government advisers say morbidly obese people in England should be given flu jab on the NHS each year.

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Lack of sleep linked to diabetes

16th March 2015

Study suggests lack of sleep linked to diabetes and obesity.

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Hunt for effective weight loss drugs

10th March 2015

Experts say two promising approaches to find effective weight loss drugs have been presented, but have raised concerns about safety.

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Slow progress on cutting obesity condemned

20th February 2015

Experts criticise global progress towards tackling obesity.

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Obese could lose benefits

16th February 2015

David Cameron says people who are obese or have alcohol and drug problems will have benefits cuts if they refuse treatment.

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Childhood obesity my be levelling off

30th January 2015

A study suggests child obesity rates among children under 10 may be beginning to level off.

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