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Friday 25th May 2018

Hormones Articles


Potential link between prenatal steroid hormones and autism

3rd June 2014

Prenatal steroid hormones could be a reason to explain why some children develop autism, says study.

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Menstrual cycle 'affects asthma'

13th November 2012

A study suggests menstrual cycle can affect conditions such as asthma.

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Women twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's

28th August 2012

New studies show hormones could be the reason why women are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

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How hormones sabotage your diet

1st November 2011

People who lose weight successfully are still undermined by a cocktail of hormones that tells the body to put the weight back on.

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Hormone 'messes' with empathy

10th February 2011

Researchers say small doses of testosterone given to women can make them less able to empathise with others.

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Oestrogen 'may fuel oral cancer'

4th January 2011

A US team says oestrogen could be fuelling head and neck cancers in young women.

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Beta-blockers reduce cancer spread

29th March 2010

A joint UK and German study finds beta-blockers may block hormones that trigger cancer spread.

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Cancer surivors hormone fear

22nd February 2010

Scientists say former cancer patients may suffer from low testosterone levels.

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Difficult labour linked to hormones

23rd December 2009

Dutch researchers have found that women with a low level of thyroxine are more likely to have a difficult labour.

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Paid ghostwriters produced skewed papers

4th August 2009

Natasha Singer discusses the revelation that pharmaceutical companies paid ghost writers to produce scientific papers to support their product.

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