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Thursday 8th December 2016

Spain Articles


Diphtheria outbreak in Spain

15th June 2015

Confirmed case of diphtheria in Spain, the first in 28 years.

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Spain investigates case of Ebola

7th October 2014

Investigations at a Madrid hospital after Spanish nurse contracts Ebola.

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Premature death linked to too much TV

2nd July 2014

A Spanish study found adults who watch too much TV double their risk of early death.

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Oldest human DNA found in leg bone

5th December 2013

400,000 year old human thigh bone found in Spain.

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Hospital in Spain First to Treat Skin Cancer Patients with Esteya Electronic Brachytherapy System

5th November 2013

Hospital La Fe's study demonstrates user- and patient-friendliness and short procedure time with Esteya.

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EU to sue Spain over refusal of EHIC cards

30th May 2013

Some hospitals in Spain have refused the cards.

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Mediterranean diet cuts heart death risk

26th February 2013

A Spanish study of high-risk individuals links the diet to a 30% reduction in heart attack, stroke and death.

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Spanish march against healthcare selloffs

15th January 2013

The 'white tide' marches in Madrid have continued into the New Year in protest at privatisation plans.

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Non-alcoholic wine lowers blood pressure

10th September 2012

New study shows non-alcoholic red wine may be more effective at lowering blood pressure in men.

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Rise in Brits hospitalised abroad

19th July 2012

Figures show serious hospitalisations in Spain, Greece and Egypt are up 10%.

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