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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Spain Articles


Britons in Spain worried over health care

15th December 2016

British retirees in Spain worried they may lose their free access to Spanish health care as a result of Brexit.

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Diphtheria outbreak in Spain

15th June 2015

Confirmed case of diphtheria in Spain, the first in 28 years.

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Spain investigates case of Ebola

7th October 2014

Investigations at a Madrid hospital after Spanish nurse contracts Ebola.

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Premature death linked to too much TV

2nd July 2014

A Spanish study found adults who watch too much TV double their risk of early death.

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Oldest human DNA found in leg bone

5th December 2013

400,000 year old human thigh bone found in Spain.

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Hospital in Spain First to Treat Skin Cancer Patients with Esteya Electronic Brachytherapy System

5th November 2013

Hospital La Fe's study demonstrates user- and patient-friendliness and short procedure time with Esteya.

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EU to sue Spain over refusal of EHIC cards

30th May 2013

Some hospitals in Spain have refused the cards.

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Mediterranean diet cuts heart death risk

26th February 2013

A Spanish study of high-risk individuals links the diet to a 30% reduction in heart attack, stroke and death.

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Spanish march against healthcare selloffs

15th January 2013

The 'white tide' marches in Madrid have continued into the New Year in protest at privatisation plans.

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Non-alcoholic wine lowers blood pressure

10th September 2012

New study shows non-alcoholic red wine may be more effective at lowering blood pressure in men.

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