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Saturday 20th July 2019

Self-harm Articles


Social media has impact on young people's mental health

25th September 2017

Social media distorting children's grasp on reality.

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Worrying rise in self-harming

9th December 2016

The NSPCC says there has been a 14% rise in hospital admissions for self-harming over the past three years.

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Mental health resources lacking in prisons

15th September 2016

Campaigners say there are not enough resources for prisons to protect inmates from suicide and self-harm.

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ChatHealth wins innovation prize

25th February 2015

ChatHealth, an SMS helpline to support teenagers who self-harm, win a share of £650,000 of innovation prizes.

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Bullied 'more likely' to self harm

30th April 2012

A study suggests children who are bullied during early years are prone to self harm when they reach adolescence.

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Still in the red

15th December 2011

Update on debt and mental health.

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Children self harming on the rise

12th August 2011

Figures show a rise in hospital admissions for self harming.

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Bisexual students take more risks

7th June 2011

Gay, lesbian and bisexual students engaged in more risky behaviours like smoking, drinking and self-harm than their straight counterparts.

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NICE consults on draft recommendations for the longer-term management of self-harm

12th April 2011

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Self-harm (longer term management): consultation

12th April 2011

A clinical practice guideline on Self-harm (longer term management) is being developed for use in the NHS.

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