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Saturday 23rd June 2018

Understanding Medicine Articles


Breast milk and IQ

4th October 2006

Breast fed babies do have higher IQ's, but due to having smarter mothers, says study.

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Small gap between children risk

12th September 2006

Research shows women waiting less than 18 months between children have higher death rates.

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Older fathers and autism link

6th September 2006

A new study has linked older fathers with increased risk of autism in children.

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Stingray tragedy for Steve Irwin

5th September 2006

Briefing on stingrays and their venom following the sad death of Steve Irwin.

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Fatigue syndrome ruling

30th June 2006

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Pneumonia 'needs less treatment'

26th June 2006

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Germ warfare

15th May 2006

In sickness and in health, immunology is a subject closer to our hearts than we think.

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National Institutes for Health

10th April 2006

The largest medical library on Earth.

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Changes in DNA discovered

7th March 2006

Diet and change have lasting effect on DNA

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Chronic fatigue developments

6th March 2006

chronic fatigue syndrome could be due to brain "injuries" in glandular fever

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