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Sunday 16th June 2019

Fertility Treatment Articles


IVF success rate could double

20th December 2013

Researchers claim mapping the genetic code of fertilised eggs could double IVF success rate.

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Freezing embryos debate

4th September 2012

Fertility doctors call for debate on whether embryos should be frozen before IVF.

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Rise in women donating eggs for money

18th July 2012

The economic downturn has led to a rise in women donating their eggs for money.

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Human eggs made from stem cells

28th February 2012

Researchers say it may be possible to one day create an 'unlimited' supply of human eggs to aid fertility treatment.

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IVF babies have lower birth weights

1st November 2011

Researchers say that underlying fertility problems could be linked to low birth weights and smaller babies.

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15 is the magic number for IVF

11th May 2011

Experts have discovered harvesting 15 eggs is the optimum number for women undergoing fertility treatment.

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Boost for fertility treatments

14th September 2010

Researchers have found a better way of storing sperm for use in artificial insemination.

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New fertility test for women

23rd February 2010

Australian researchers develop a test that counts the eggs in a woman's ovaries.

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Sperm grown from bone marrow

13th April 2007

Scientists say they have successfully grown sperm cells from bone marrow.

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Women in 30s should 'freeze eggs'

9th September 2006

Women in 30s should freeze eggs to conceive later in life says fertility expert.

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