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Sunday 15th September 2019

Eggs Articles


Eggs for breakfast can cure a hangover

14th December 2017

Expert says eating eggs for breakfast can help tackle hangover at its source.

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Add eggs to your diet to reduce risk of cancer

22nd November 2017

Research suggests risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease could be reduced by adding eggs to your diet.

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Sandwiches and salads withdrawn from supermarkets

11th August 2017

Food watchdog has said about 700,000 eggs have been sent to the UK from potentially contaminated Dutch farms.

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Salmonella from eggs 'very low'

27th July 2016

The Advisory Committee on he Microbiological Safety of Food has advised that the risk of salmonella from UK eggs is very low.

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Large number of women freezing eggs

24th March 2016

Official figures show a huge rise in women freezing their eggs in the hope of delaying motherhood.

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Liquid egg whites linked to salmonella in the UK

17th October 2012

The HPA has said bottles of liquid egg white, a product owned by Myprotein, is linked to seven cases of salmonella in the UK.

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Eggs lose their unhealthy image

7th August 2012

Researchers have proof that eggs are good for the heart and can promote weight loss.

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Delay hunger by having eggs for breakfast

14th May 2012

New research suggests having eggs for breakfast may help curb your hunger better than cereal.

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Egg donors needed

5th April 2012

HFEA launching new drive to encourage egg and sperm donors.

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Have an egg for breakfast

17th November 2011

Scientists have found egg proteins help us stay awake.

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