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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Green Tea Articles


Green tea could be used to treat brain issues

8th June 2016

Researchers say green tea could be used to treat brain issues caused by Down's Syndrome.

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Could green tea alleviate agony of rheumatoid arthritis?

18th February 2016

Key ingredient in green tea could be harnessed say scientists and used and an anti-inflammatory treatment.

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Antioxidants in green tea improve memory

16th September 2013

Green tea provides antioxidants that help improve memory, cognition and spatial awareness.

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Detox tips for overindulgence

4th December 2012

Some natural and inexpensive remedies to detox over the holidays.

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Chemical found in apples can help beat blood clots

9th May 2012

Scientists claim chemicals found in apples, onions, oranges and green tea could prevent blood clots.

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Green tea promotes healthy ageing

7th February 2012

A Japanese study shows that elderly people who drink green tea are more agile than those who do not.

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No evidence to show royal jelly is beneficial

6th December 2011

Scientists say claims about royal jelly cannot be substantiated.

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Tai chi and green tea 'good for bones'

12th April 2011

Research suggests green tea and tai chi could enhance bone strength.

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Green tea does not protect against cancer

2nd November 2010

Research has found no association between drinking green tea and breast cancer risk.

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Green tea good for the eyes

27th April 2010

A Hong Kong study shows the compounds from green tea may protect the eye against oxidation and even disease.

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