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Friday 23rd August 2019

Healthcare Systems Articles


Outside Investors Eye Up the NHS

16th May 2007

What will happen as the NHS market is 'open for business'?

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Director general attacks IT critics

7th May 2007

Department of Health's IT Director General has attacked critics of the electronic patient record.

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Healthcare in Australia

1st May 2007

Flying Doctors, Medicare and alternative medicine define healthcare down under.

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Healthcare in Kenya

17th April 2007

The country's poverty is reflected in its ailing health care system.

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NHS Foundation Trusts

16th April 2007

Foundation Trusts; what are they and what is their impact?

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Healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina

3rd April 2007

The war-torn country re-establishes its health service with equality in mind.

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The stubborn stain of stigma

29th March 2007

The Guardian’s Madeleine Bunting on virtual therapy for the masses.

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Staff increases caused crisis

28th March 2007

MPs blame poor government planning for massive and unsustainable increases.

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Healthcare in Spain

23rd March 2007

Modern, well equipped hospitals but many say Spain's healthcare system let's the elderly down.

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Set providers free

22nd March 2007

Chief executive Richard Bourne sets out his recipe for a world class NHS.

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