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Friday 25th May 2018

Brain Articles


New drug to stop all neurodegenerative brain diseases

20th April 2017

Scientists hope they have found a drug to stop the brain degenerating.

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MS discovery from paralysis

13th March 2017

Paralysis inspired scientist to crack how brain is repaired.

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'Locked-in' patients can communicate

1st February 2017

Research finds patients with no control over their body are able to communicate.

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Brain radiotherapy does not benefit patients with lung cancer

5th September 2016

Research says brain radiotherapy is of no benefit to patients with lung cancer which has spread to brain.

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Being overweight ages brain

5th August 2016

Study finds being overweight ages brain by 10 years.

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Brain implant helps paralysed man move his fingers

14th April 2016

Man, paralysed from the chest down, is able to move his fingers for first time in six years after a chip was implanted in his brain.

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Regular exercise good for the brain

24th March 2016

A new study suggests exercising can knock a decade off the brain.

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Keep brain active to delay Alzheimer's

25th February 2016

New research shows keeping brain active through middle age may help delay Alzheimer's in those most at risk.

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Discovery could halt Alzheimer's

8th January 2016

A study suggests blocking brain inflammation could reduce memory problems seen in Alzheimer's disease.

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Strong legs, fit brain

10th November 2015

Study suggests older women who have stronger legs are likely to have a healthier brain in later years.

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