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Thursday 24th May 2018

Lead Articles


Lipstick brands contain lead

15th February 2012

US study finds some brands of lipstick contain more lead then previously thought.

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Ancient eyeliner 'fought infection'

26th January 2010

The lead-based Kohl eye make-up used by ancient Egyptians had antibacterial properties, research shows.

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UK news 18/9/09

21st September 2009

A round up of UK health news over the past week.

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Children harmed by lead levels

17th September 2009

UK researchers say young children's exposure to lead in the environment is harming them.

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Lead in lipstick?

16th October 2007

Health and environmental groups say 60% of popular lipstick brands contain lead.

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Lead in toys in US stores

11th October 2007

Lead has been found in Curious George dolls bought at Toys "R" Us in the US.

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Children and lead poisoning

16th August 2007

Levels of lead poisoning that do not cause immediate symptoms can damage childrens' brain.

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Mattel toys recall

15th August 2007

Lead-based paint and loose magnets triggered a mass recall of Mattel toys.

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China denies pollution death toll

22nd July 2007

Beijing says World Bank estimates of premature deaths are 'baseless'.

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Higher death risk from Lead

21st September 2006

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