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Monday 21st May 2018

Cardiovascular Disease Articles


STPs in disagreement over reconfiguration

23rd March 2017

Two sustainability and transformation plan areas are in disagreement over a plan to reconfigure cardiovascular services.

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Experimental drug could cut heart events in diabetics

19th September 2016

Study reveals experimental drug, semaglutide, reduces major cardiovascular events by 26%.

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Migraines linked to death in women

2nd June 2016

Study suggests women diagnosed with migraines have a slightly increased chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

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Text reminders about lifestyle to improve cardio risk factors

24th September 2015

Research suggests sending people semi-personalised text reminders about lifestyle can lead to improvement in cardiovascular risk factors.

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Heart attack risk increased by lack of sleep

3rd July 2013

Research shows sleeping at least 7 hours a night, reduces the risk of heart attacks by up to 24%.

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Heart patients helped by healthy diet

7th December 2012

Patients with existing heart conditions are less likely to have another attack if they eat well, a study finds.

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Cholesterol test fast may not be needed

13th November 2012

Study finds fasting before a cholesterol test may not be needed.

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Vitamins do not boost heart health

6th November 2012

However, research suggests that taking a daily supplement of multivitamins for years may help lower the risk of cancer in older men.

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Flu jab may protect the heart

29th October 2012

Preliminary studies in Canada suggest the jab could slash the risk of a major cardiovascular event by nearly 50%.

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ITU and WHO launch new partnership

18th October 2012

The International Telecommunication Union and WHO have launched a new partnership called 'mHealth' to combat noncommunicable diseases.

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