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Sunday 22nd September 2019

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NHS news 10/12/10

10th December 2010

Around up of NHS news over past week.

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Nurses think about career change

7th December 2010

A survey reveals over 60% of nurses are considering a career switch because of NHS restructuring.

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Sleep deprivation caused by job worries

22nd June 2010

Study reveals worrying about work and money causes people to sleep less than eight hours a night.

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UK sick days fall

8th June 2010

A survey has suggested that the average employee was unwell for 6.4 days in 2009.

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Invest in consultant time says BMA in Scotland

24th March 2010

The British Medical Association in Scotland has published a new report which says NHS managers should invest in consultant time.

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Nurses must renew pledge to provide quality care

3rd March 2010

A report says midwives and nurses must renew pledge to society to provide high quality and compassionate care.

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Dyslexia should not be eradicated

12th February 2010

Dyslexia can make people more creative, according to associate director of learning at Portsmouth PCT.

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Surge in nursing degree applications

12th February 2010

The UCAS has announced a leap of 73.7% in students applying for nursing degrees.

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Will basic care suffer if nurses get degrees?

13th January 2010

Researchers say that 'modern student nurses' are reluctant to perform cleaning tasks.

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Medical school access is not widening

16th December 2009

A report by doctors says government attempts to widen access to medical school is not working.

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