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Monday 28th May 2018

Uganda Articles


Coffee pest threatening East Africa's horticulture

15th March 2013

Researchers in Uganda discover coffee pest has spread to about 40 plant species.

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Fears grow over Ugandan Ebola outbreak

31st July 2012

Local residents are avoiding contact with strangers and handshakes with friends for fear of catching the deadly disease.

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Software developed to monitor unborn babies

24th May 2012

Mobile phone software developed by university students in Uganda that can monitor foetal movements and heartbeats.

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HIV drug boosts effects of malaria drug

26th March 2012

A new study says an HIV drug improves the effectiveness of a key malaria drug.

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Northern Uganda devastated by mystery disease

7th March 2012

Nodding syndrome is an unknown disease which causes seizures.

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Uganda panic at swine flu hoax

22nd June 2009

A hoax text message warning people that swine flu has broken out in Uganda causes panic and confusion.

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Uganda ex-health chief questioned

10th October 2008

Jim Muhwezi is grilled over a bank heist and faces graft charges related to HIV and TB funds.

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Ebola-like virus returns to Europe

15th July 2008

Marburg, a haemorrhagic virus similar to Ebola, is back in Europe after a four-decade absence.

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'Safe' Ebola made for research

5th February 2008

Researchers genetically engineer the virus for use in the development of treatments or vaccines.

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Uganda confirms Ebola deaths

30th November 2007

Uganda confirm 16 people have died from the deadly Ebola virus and more than 50 others are infected.

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