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Thursday 24th May 2018

Steroids Articles


Potential link between prenatal steroid hormones and autism

3rd June 2014

Prenatal steroid hormones could be a reason to explain why some children develop autism, says study.

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Tennis elbow not helped by steroid injection

7th February 2013

Study shows corticosteroid injections do not help ease tennis elbow.

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One in 20 use steroids

19th November 2012

A new study says about 5% of young people have used steroids to bulk up.

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Steroid users 'doubling'

10th July 2012

Health officials say the number of steroid users is doubling year-on-year.

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Broccoli effective in treating lung diseases

8th November 2011

Researchers say broccoli may be better than steroids for treating lung conditions.

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Low steroid dose just as effective as high dose

31st October 2011

A new study shows lower doses of steroid injections can be just as affective as a high dose for shoulder pain.

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GPs to use short courses of steriod jabs

29th October 2010

GPs are being advised to only use short courses of steroid injections.

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Steroid injections do 'more harm than good'

22nd October 2010

A study in The Lancet suggests tennis elbow injections may reduce pain for first few weeks, but can make condition worse in the long term.

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Call to ban online sale of steroids

22nd September 2010

Drugs watchdog wants ban on sale of anabolic steroids over the internet to stop boys as young as 12 obsessing about size of muscles.

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Prostate cancer increased by asthma inhalers

9th August 2010

Men who regularly take inhale steroids to control their asthma are 40% more likely than men without asthma to develop a tumour.

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