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Monday 21st May 2018

Foetus Articles


Flu jab not linked to foetal death

17th January 2013

Study says having flu vaccine while pregnant does not increase risk of baby dying in womb.

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Tumour op in womb a world first

22nd June 2012

Surgeons remove tumour from mouth of foetus.

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Wrong twin foetus terminated

25th November 2011

An Australian hospital has launched an inquiry after the wrong foetus was terminated accidentally.

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Small foetus linked to childhood asthma

30th June 2011

New research suggests the size of a foetus in the tenth week of pregnancy can mean the child is more likely to develop asthma.

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Epilepsy drug risk to unborn children

6th June 2011

Scientists believe they have found the safest epilepsy drug.

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Blood test for Down's syndrome

7th March 2011

A safe way to test foetus for Down's syndrome.

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No evidence of CT scans causing cancer in babies

13th September 2010

Researchers have found no clear evidence of an increased risk of cancer among babies exposed to CT scans as foetuses.

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Foetus and mother's heartbeat synchronise

22nd July 2010

Researchers have found heartbeats of mother and foetus synchronise when she breathes rhythmically.

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Male foetuses do not respond to stressed mothers

21st July 2010

Findings show male foetuses ignore mother's response to stress, unlike females.

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No link between childhood cancer and phone masts

23rd June 2010

Study looks at the proximity of 81,000 mobile phone masts and the homes of pregnant women.

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