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Monday 21st May 2018

Statins Articles


Statin benefits are underestimated

9th September 2016

A major review, published in the Lancet, suggests benefits of statins are underestimated and harms are exaggerated.

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Heart disease not caused by high cholesterol

14th June 2016

Research suggests taking statins 'a waste of time'.

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Statins may not cut colorectal cancer risk

28th April 2016

New research suggests statins might not reduce the risk of colorectal cancer after all.

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Statins could reverse age-related macular degeneration

5th February 2016

Scientists have discovered statins could reverse the most common for of blindness.

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Cholesterol vaccine developed

11th November 2015

Cholesterol jab could end need for daily statins.

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Statins could hinder flu jab effects

30th October 2015

Research finds statins could reduce the effectiveness of the flu jab.

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More patients eligible for statins

21st July 2014

NICE have told doctors to consider more patients for statins.

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Don't extend the use of statins

13th June 2014

Experts have urged officials to reconsider the plan to extend of the use of statins to an extra five million people.

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MHRA publish position on benefits and risks of statins

19th May 2014

Recent media coverage about statins sees the MHRA publish it's position on their benefits and risks and advise people to continue to take them.

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Statins should be more widely available

25th March 2014

New NICE guidance recommends statins should be offered to people more widely.

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