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Friday 23rd August 2019

Alternative Medicine Articles


Fish oil helps some mental illness

2nd February 2010

A trial suggests fish oil supplements can cut the incidence of psychotic illness.

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Slow breathing helps chronic pain

26th January 2010

Scientists have found controlled breathing can reduce feelings of pain.

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Homeopathy protest outside Boots

20th January 2010

Protest planned outside Boots against the chemist selling treatments that critics say are ineffective.

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Herbal medicines must be regulated

2nd December 2009

Prince Charles has urged the government to regulate herbalists to protect the public.

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Mint tea can kill pain

25th November 2009

A study suggests a cup of Brazilian mint tea can relieve pain.

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African herbal HIV treatment hope

29th September 2009

A traditional African herbal AIDS prescription has been shown to contain antiretroviral properties.

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Homeopathy not recommended by WHO

21st August 2009

The WHO warns against promoting homeopathy in developing countries to treat HIV and malaria.

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Government discusses herbal medicines position

17th August 2009

The DH recommends that herbal medicine should be subjected to professional regulation.

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Homeopathy eases cancer treatment side-effects

15th April 2009

A scientific review suggests some homeopathic medicines could ease the side-effects of cancer treatments.

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Lead, arsenic in Burmese medicine

3rd April 2009

US health officials have found lead and arsenic in traditional Burmese medications used by refugee families.

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