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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Alternative Medicine Articles


Arthritis supplement 'ineffective'

11th February 2009

A review of recent trials of glucosamine shows little effect on arthritis.

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Crackdown on alternative therapy

19th January 2009

A promise to get tough with the industry and drive out cowboy therapists.

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Women warned about herbal remedies

14th January 2009

Women are being warned about herbal remedies to treat the menopause.

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Traditional medicine in Bolivia

8th September 2008

Synergy is possible between Western doctors and traditional practitioners, study finds.

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Qigong may help osteoarthritis

2nd September 2008

Research suggests that a form of traditional Chinese medicine could help osteoarthritis.

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Secrets of cancer survivors

11th August 2008

A new study reveals how cancer survivors use complementary and alternative therapies.

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China plans patent reforms

27th June 2008

Beijing rolls out a strategy aimed at boosting innovation and protecting traditional knowledge.

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Homeopathic drug dropped

8th May 2008

Customers misled into thinking homeopathic drug could treat malaria.

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Will 'Ofquack' cure the doubters?

24th April 2008

As the government tightens regulation of alternative practitioners, the NHS is cutting funding.

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Eczema eased by Chinese herbs

18th March 2008

Research shows traditional Chinese medicine may ease eczema symptoms.

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