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Thursday 24th May 2018

Italy Articles


Cocoa could keep dementia at bay

14th August 2012

A study has shown that a daily dose of cocoa could help improve mild cognitive impairment in the elderly.

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Fake cigarettes could help you quit

13th May 2011

Research shows some smokers are more likely to succeed in giving up if they use cigarette-shaped inhalers.

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Call to ban asbestos

23rd March 2010

Protesters in Italy have staged a two-day event calling for action.

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Transcendence linked to brain

16th February 2010

Patients with certain kinds of brain cancer can feel they transcend personal boundaries.

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Poorer countries 'need flu vaccine'

13th July 2009

International health experts have called for seasonal influenza vaccine programmes in developing countries.

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Italy's right-to-die controversy

12th February 2009

An Italian woman's death has sparked debate about euthanasia.

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New data on chemo drugs

2nd January 2008

Trial results for anthracyclines are narrowed down according to the type of tumour.

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Italy to offer cancer vaccine

10th April 2007

Twelve-year-old girls will be offered free vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV).

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Italy's HIV transplant scandal

21st March 2007

Three organ recipients are receiving antiretroviral therapy.

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'Mafia link' to Sicily hospital deaths

2nd January 2007

Politician blames mafia involvement in private healthcare on the island.

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