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Sunday 27th May 2018

Neonatal Articles


Neonatal services overstretched in England

19th October 2015

A report has found neonatal services in England are overstretched and understaffed.

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Premature baby dies after outbreak of bug at hospital

10th October 2012

Baby dies and 12 others given treatment at Southmead Hospital after outbreak of pseudomonas.

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Warning over premature births

8th May 2012

A global project says that while 15 million babies are born premature every year, many of their deaths are preventable.

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Concern over neonatal care

10th February 2012

A Welsh assembly inquiry into neontal care has been told about the need for improvements.

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Water bug discovered in more hospital taps

9th February 2012

Water tests have found Pseudomonas in neonatal units at three more hospitals in Northern Ireland.

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Premature babies prone to infection

13th December 2011

Infants born earlier have fewer helpful intestinal bacteria and more viruses than full-term babies.

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Newborn deaths in China halved

19th September 2011

A study published in the The Lancet shows encouraging women to give birth in hospital in China has cut newborn deaths.

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Maternal-neonatal Care Made Incredibly Easy!

4th July 2011

Part of the popular "Incredibly Easy!" series, this book offers everything you need to know to perform competent and safe maternal and neonatal nursing

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the week: issue 155, 16 - 22 Jul

28th July 2010

The week provides need-to-know news, consultations and events for chief executives and their teams.

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Night-time babies at high risk of death

16th July 2010

Research suggests babies born at night or at weekends are more at risk of death because of staff shortages.

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