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Sunday 27th May 2018

Conservative Articles


NHS news 23/4/10

25th April 2010

A round up of NHS news over the past week.

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Polyclinics election battle

21st April 2010

Conservative parliamentary candidates oppose 'large impersonal' clinics.

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Tories pledge better access to GPs

12th April 2010

Conservative manifesto promises access to GPs seven days a week.

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£60bn public sector waste

27th November 2009

Tory minister says productivity changes could save billions every year.

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£1.5bn must be cut from NHS admin

8th October 2009

Within four years the Tories vow to cut £1.5bn from the annual cost of NHS admin if they take power.

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Cut NHS bureaucracy say Tories

6th October 2009

The Conservatives say money could be saved by making cuts to NHS bureaucracy.

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Davis slams privatisation of records

28th July 2009

Former Conservative home secretary David Davis says plan to privatise records is 'dangerous'.

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Cancer patients are 'missing out'

31st October 2008

Cancer patients are missing out on treatment because radiotherapy machines are standing idle.

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More single rooms for NHS

30th September 2008

The Conservatives are promising a large rise in the number of single rooms in NHS hospitals.

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Tory health plans buried

28th June 2008

Fanfare drowned by Darzi and birthday celebrations.

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