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Friday 22nd September 2017

Research Articles


Quarter of girls aged 14 have signs of depression

20th September 2017

UK researchers find a quarter of girls and nearly one in 10 boys show signs of depression.

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Kinder treatments for children with brain cancer

18th September 2017

Kinder treatments in pipeline for child brain cancer and researchers have found seven types of the most common.

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One jab for childhood vaccines

15th September 2017

US researchers have developed a technology that could see every childhood vaccine delivered in a single injection.

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Vegetable can reduce risk of hypertension

14th September 2017

Research finds high blood pressure could be reduced by eating beetroots, and it can also help muscle recovery and brain function.

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Caffeine could help diabetes sufferers live longer

14th September 2017

Study finds regular caffeine consumption was linked to women with diabetes living longer.

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Light drinking when pregnant doesn't harm baby

12th September 2017

UK researchers say there is very little evidence that light drinking during pregnancy poses an risk to the baby.

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Desk job doubles risk of early death

11th September 2017

Research suggests regularly sitting for one or two hours at a time can be deadly.

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Unregistered care assistants in the NHS

6th September 2017

New research reveals more than 320 NHS staff identified using 'advanced nurse' titles despite not having the experience.

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What makes us 'catch' yawns

1st September 2017

Researchers look at what happens in our brains to trigger a response when someone else yawns.

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Lithium may cut dementia

24th August 2017

Researchers say lithium in drinking water appears to cut dementia.

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