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Wednesday 7th December 2016

Research Articles


Understanding Parkinson's

2nd December 2016

Scientists say they have transformed the understanding of Parkinson's disease.

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Aneurysm death rate concern

24th November 2016

Official data shows death rate from abdominal aortic aneurysms is more than three times higher in England than the US.

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Dementia rates falling

22nd November 2016

Researchers say there is growing evidence that the dementia crisis may not be as bad as first thought.

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Bagged salad a Salmonella risk

21st November 2016

Study says bagged salad can fuel growth of Salmonella.

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Dementia research experiment

17th November 2016

World's largest dementia research experiment takes the form of a video game.

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Scouts or guides can boost mental health in later life

10th November 2016

A study suggests people who were a scout or a guide in childhood have better mental health later on in life.

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Cancer patients face work discrimination

7th November 2016

Research finds almost one-fifth of cancer patients face discrimination from employers or work colleagues.

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Gut bacteria could help fight cancer

7th November 2016

Research finds bacteria that lives deep in the digestive system may help change how cancer drugs work.

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Scientists develop way to track malaria

4th November 2016

Doctors in Cambodia have developed a way to track the spread of malaria that cannot be treated.

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Patients just as happy with shorter GP appointments

2nd November 2016

Study finds patients are no more satisfied with longer appointments than they are with shorter ones.

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