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Monday 28th May 2018

Leishmaniasis Articles


Leishmaniasis drug breakthrough

16th February 2010

Indian researchers say a single shot of a certain drug can treat deadly kala-azar fever.

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Dog fleas linked to leishmaniasis

18th November 2009

Scientists say dog fleas could be transmitting deadly leishmaniasis as well as sandflies.

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Kala azar spreads in Sudan

10th November 2009

Visceral leishmaniasis is a lethal tropical disease which is spreading fast.

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Call for pregnancy drugs trials

30th June 2008

Researchers say maternal health is a neglected area in the development of life-saving drugs.

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Strategy for diseases of poverty

2nd July 2007

WHO-backed group adopts new strategy to wipe out 'infectious diseases of poverty'.

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Mummies had deadly disease

9th October 2006

Leishmaniasis, a disease caused by parasites like malaria, has been found in ancient mummies.

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