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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Drugs Articles


Diabetes accounts for 10% of NHS drugs bill

12th August 2015

Official figures show 10% of NHS drugs bill is for diabetes.

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Drug firms accused of overcharging

7th August 2015

CMA have accused Pfizer and Flynn Pharma of charging 'excessive and unfair' prices for anti-epilepsy drug.

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Dying cancer sufferers denied drugs

7th August 2015

NHS denying cancer sufferers immunotherapy drugs.

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Two common drugs could help treat MS

21st April 2015

Drugs used to treat athlete's foot and eczema may help treat multiple sclerosis say scientists.

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Scientists ask public for help

20th January 2015

US scientists appeal for help to mine the Earth's soil for compounds that could be turned into new drugs.

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NHS England annouce cancer drug re-evaluation

14th November 2014

List of cancer drugs for re-assessment includes drugs for breast and colorectal cancers.

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Old drugs should be used to treat breast cancer

7th November 2014

Charity urges government to seek licences for old drugs for breast cancer treatment.

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Drug testing in workplace on the rise

3rd October 2014

Workplace drug testing has increased in the UK.

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Help for doctors to spot counterfeit drugs

24th September 2014

The FDA warns doctors to be aware of counterfeit and unapproved drugs sold by fake distributors.

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Bid to cut drugs waste

13th June 2014

NHS England urging CCGs to use its new Medicines Optimisation Prototype Dashboard.

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