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Thursday 24th May 2018

Contraceptive Articles


Hormone injection for men shows promise

28th October 2016

Researchers say contraceptive jab for men has been shown to be safe and effective.

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Gel shows promise as male contraceptive

3rd July 2012

Early research of a new contraceptive gel shows promise.

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Girls fitted with implant

8th February 2012

Girls as young as 13 have been fitted with contraceptive implants without their parents knowledge.

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Contraceptive jab could double risk of HIV

5th October 2011

Scientists claim injection could make women twice as likely to contract HIV.

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Compensation payout over implant pregnancies

5th January 2011

Nearly £200,000 has been paid to women who have become pregnant or hurt after being fitted with contraceptive implant.

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Gel-based contraceptive shows promise

30th November 2010

New spermicide gel shows 95% effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, U.S. trials show.

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Can ultrasound be used as a male contraceptive?

12th May 2010

Experts believe ultrasound can be used to safely stop sperm production for six months.

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Pharmacist refuses to issue pill because of religion

10th March 2010

An investigation has been launched after a woman is refused the contraceptive pill because of pharmacist's religion.

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Injected contraceptives can cause bone mass loss

14th January 2010

Almost half of women lose a significant amount of bone mass wihtin two years if using injected contraceptive.

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UK news 9/10/09

9th October 2009

A round up of UK health news over the past week.

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