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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Paralysis Articles


MS discovery from paralysis

13th March 2017

Paralysis inspired scientist to crack how brain is repaired.

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NHS trust fined for safety failings

3rd October 2014

NHS trust fined after vulnerable mental health patient was left paralysed.

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Spinal stimulation helps paralysed men move their legs

8th April 2014

US doctors report men who received electrical stimulation to their spine are now able to move their legs.

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Body piercing to control wheelchairs

28th November 2013

Body piercing to control wheelchairs and computers.

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Boy paralysed by sea urchin sting

24th January 2013

A student is left paralysed by a sea urchin sting while holidaying in Greece.

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Robotic arm controlled by thoughts

18th December 2012

A US study says a paralysed woman can now control a robotic arm using brain impulses alone.

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Hope for paralysed patients

5th September 2012

Stem cell injections has given hope to paralysed patients.

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Brain scanner to help paralysed people

2nd July 2012

A new brain scanner developed to help paralysed people speak using their thoughts to spell words.

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Paralysed rats can walk again

1st June 2012

Scientists say spinal therapy on rats offers hope to humans who have been paralysed.

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Thoughts of paralysed patients control robotic arm

17th May 2012

Two patients paralysed from the neck down in the US have used a robotic arm controlled by their thoughts.

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