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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Drug-resistant Articles


Drug-resistant malaria discovered

29th April 2013

Researchers have found a new drug-resistant strain of parasite that causes malaria.

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Drug-resistant TB on the rise

5th July 2012

The HPA has revealed that cases of tuberculosis have risen over a quarter in the last year in the UK.

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New drug-resistant TB found in India

17th January 2012

Drug-resistant strains of TB have been reported for the first time in India.

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Drug-resistant TB cases double in a decade

14th September 2011

Health officials say TB strain is untreatable by most drugs and many cases are not being reported.

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TB a growing problem in China

6th January 2010

China is fighting a battle against the rising problem of drug-resistant tuberculosis.

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Drug resistant malaria found

3rd August 2009

Scientists have found form of malaria that resists the drug artemisinin and are concerned that it could spread globally.

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Drug-resistant TB confirmed

25th March 2008

The drug-resistant XDR tuberculosis strain has been confirmed by doctors in Glasgow.

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Drug-resistant typhoid spreads

27th November 2006

Researchers call for new vaccines.

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Warning on TB

11th October 2006

The WHO warns the EU of drug-resistant TB strains

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