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Thursday 18th July 2019

Cambodia Articles


Virus linked to Cambodian child deaths

9th July 2012

Officials say the virus is usually associated with hand, foot and mouth disease.

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‘Unhygienic’ conditions prompt faintings

2nd September 2011

Authorities say mismanagement is to blame for a mass fainting at a Cambodian garment factory.

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Doctors probed after woman dies

3rd June 2009

Poor women die in childbirth every day in Cambodia, but who's to blame?

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Dengue fever in Cambodia

17th October 2007

Dengue fever outbreak is taking a heavy toll on Cambodia's young.

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Cambodia best at breastfeeding

25th June 2007

A decline in breastfeeding in the Asia Pacific region affects survival rates.

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East Asia's mental health

16th October 2006

The solution to growing mental health problems in the region lies with communities.

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