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Friday 25th May 2018

Psychiatry Articles


Mental health of the nation

10th September 2014

Professor Dame Sally Davies says in her latest report that primary care should have integrated psychiatry services.

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Psychotherapy in China

5th September 2014

Mao banned psychology in 1966, but now China is opening up to psychotherapy.

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Asperger's syndrome edited away

4th December 2012

The latest version of the US handbook for mental disorders adds a number of new diagnoses.

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Key Concepts in Mental Health: (SAGE Key Concepts series)

21st December 2009

Mental health is an area that new students and trainee practitioners often find bewildering. This book cuts through the stigma associated with this topic.

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Behavioral Healthcare Informatics

18th August 2009

Behavioral Healthcare Informatics talks about what is possible today and what lies ahead as technology and behavioural healthcare converge.

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French autism treatment disputed

28th August 2007

"Packing" has been criticised as cruel and potentially dangerous, as clinical trial begins.

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Russians more mentally stable

24th January 2007

Mental health problems have improved with more social stability.

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East Asia's mental health

16th October 2006

The solution to growing mental health problems in the region lies with communities.

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