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Thursday 24th May 2018

Poliomyelitis Articles


Polio outbreak in Tajikistan

4th May 2010

Indian polio strain causes an outbreak which kills 12 people, as the authorities start immunising people.

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Polio rebounds in Nigeria

24th August 2009

A type of polio believed to have been eradicated has made a comeback.

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Polio eradication drive funded

23rd January 2009

Bill Gates joins the UK and German governments in a big initiative aimed at eradicating polio.

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Nigeria's polio outbreak

9th October 2007

Dozens of children have been partially paralysed following partial vaccination coverage.

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Burmese children get polio

21st May 2007

Mystery outbreak of the virus along the border with Bangladesh.

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New polio vaccine more effective

17th April 2007

Health experts say the new vaccine could soon eradicate polio.

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Pakistan anti-polio drive gets bumpy

27th February 2007

Some clerics voice suspicion of motives behind vaccination.

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Last four countries fight polio

16th October 2006

The world's success in eradicating polio now depends on Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan.

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