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Thursday 24th May 2018

Pakistan Articles


Another case of coronavirus identified in UK

12th February 2013

Second case of 'Sars-like' virus identified by HPA in UK.

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Increase in polio in Pakistan

31st January 2013

A ban on vaccinations ordered by the Taliban has resulted in an increase in infectious childhood diseases.

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Health workers killed in Pakistan

19th December 2012

WHO and UNICEF have condemned attacks that have killed six health workers in Pakistan.

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Vaccination boost against measles in Pakistan

15th October 2012

Measles cases are rising in Pakistan.

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Pakistani medical labs lax on biosafety

10th February 2012

A new survey has found Pakistan's Karachi city medical labs are not following biosafety protocols.

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Contaminated medicines have killed at least 27 in Pakistan

25th January 2012

Contaminated drugs recalled in Pakistan's Punjab province which are thought to have killed at least 27 people over the last month.

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Polio outbreak confirmed in China

21st September 2011

Polio has spread to China from Pakistan confirm WHO.

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Epidemic disease threat in Pakistan

25th August 2010

The flood-hit country facing serious threat of epidemic diseases.

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Pakistan floods spark cholera fears

17th August 2010

The US has pledged a large aid package to stave off a cholera epidemic in the region.

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Waste tea leaves used as biofuel

2nd March 2010

Pakistani scientists say used tea leaves could be a cheap source of biofuel.

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