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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Research & Development Articles


Wearable tech for stoke patients

26th February 2018

Wearable sensors are being developed by scientists in the US to speed up stroke recovery.

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Potential cancer breakthrough

24th November 2017

British scientists are developing an immune therapy based on blood cells for patient who have recovered from cancer.

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Virtual reality game developed to tackle dementia

29th August 2017

World's biggest dementia research experiment.

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Anti-inflammatory injections lower risk of heart attack

29th August 2017

Scientists hail new era of therapeutics.

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World-leading science campus planned

11th July 2017

Public Health England has announced plans for a world-leading public health campus.

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Help researchers by catching whooping cough

15th June 2017

Researchers offering up to £3,526 to people willing to catch whooping cough to help make better vaccine.

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Komodo dragon blood could be key to new treatments

12th April 2017

Scientists think Komodo dragon blood contains compound which would offer new treatment for infected wounds.

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Urine test can reveal how healthy diet is

13th January 2017

UK scientists develop a urine test that reveals what you really eat.

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Drug could encourage teeth to repair themselves

9th January 2017

Scientists say tooth drug could see an end to fillings.

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Understanding Parkinson's

2nd December 2016

Scientists say they have transformed the understanding of Parkinson's disease.

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