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Friday 25th May 2018

Nigeria Articles


Overseas patient's unpaid NHS bill

2nd February 2017

Nigerian woman has run up a £330,000 bill for NHS treatment after giving birth to quadruplets prematurely.

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Nigeria removed from polio-endemic list

30th September 2015

Polio is no longer endemic in Nigeria say the World Health Organisation.

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Ebola in Nigeria

4th September 2014

Three confirmed cases of Ebola in Port Harcourt, Nigeria with additional cases being investigated.

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Second case of Ebola confirmed in Nigeria

5th August 2014

Nigeria has recorded second case of Ebola which has so far killed 887 people.

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Maize bred to fight vitamin A blindness

4th September 2012

Nigeria has released fortified maize hybrids for use in agriculture, to help tackle widespread vitamin A deficiency among women and young children.

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Nigeria defends malaria drug quality

12th October 2010

Officials say that a recent trial of government-made malaria drugs has shown them to be effective.

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Nigerian deaths link to gold mines

15th June 2010

Illegal gold mines have been linked to the deaths of dozens of children from lead poisoning.

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Polio rebounds in Nigeria

24th August 2009

A type of polio believed to have been eradicated has made a comeback.

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Nigera, Pfizer settlement 'close'

3rd April 2009

The pharmaceutical giant looks set to settle in a lawsuit over a 1996 drug trial linked to child deaths.

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Polio vaccinations in West Africa

2nd March 2009

WHO and Unicef launch immunisation drive in schools, clinics and homes.

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