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Sunday 27th May 2018

Childbirth Articles


Newborn deaths in China halved

19th September 2011

A study published in the The Lancet shows encouraging women to give birth in hospital in China has cut newborn deaths.

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Midwife-led births should be the norm

7th March 2011

The King's Fund says maternity care should be led by midwives.

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Woman gives birth on hospital chair

1st March 2011

A woman has given birth in a waiting room due to 'no staff' being available.

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Home birth babies more at risk

5th July 2010

Analysis of 500,000 births in North America and Europe shows planned home births are more risky.

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Drop in worldwide maternal deaths

13th April 2010

Worldwide figures show there has been a 35% drop in the number of mothers dying during childbirth.

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Why is childbirth subject to fashions and trends?

12th September 2008

Women are increasingly opting for 'freebirths' which means giving birth at home.

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Women misled about childbirth

14th March 2008

Women are being led to believe that a pain-free, drug-free labour is possible.

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NHS childbirth lottery

6th October 2007

Staff shortages are depriving expectant mothers of the maternity care they deserve.

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Mothers still die in childbirth

14th May 2007

Mothers continue to die at an alarming rate across the world, not from disease but from childbirth.

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Number of stillbirths not reducing

25th April 2007

A survey has revealed that over one in 200 pregnancies end in stillbirth.

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