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Wednesday 13th December 2017

Operations Articles


Operations target missed

12th February 2016

Routine operations target in England has been missed for the first time.

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Operating room music is a distraction

5th August 2015

A study has shown that when music was played, operating staff often had to repeat themselves to be heard.

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NHS England 'rationing' key operations

6th December 2013

A review suggests key operations are being rationed by NHS England.

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Hospitals in Wales 'unprecedented' levels of admissions

13th March 2013

Hospitals in Wales experiencing rise in admissions leading to some operations being postponed.

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Specialist ops delayed

25th January 2013

As part of a drive to save money, hospitals in England have been told to delay some specialist operations for Welsh patients.

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Breast cancer patients to claim compensation

8th November 2012

Breast cancer patients to claim compensation over botched and unnecessary operations.

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Rat found in Nottinghamshire hospital

7th November 2012

Operations cancelled at Nottinghamshire hospital after a rat was found in an operating theatre.

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Old equipment warning for surgeons

10th July 2012

Patients could be operated on with outdated equipment due to financial constraints on the NHS warn surgeons.

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NHS Trusts 'rationing operations'

19th June 2012

Nine out of 10 NHS Trusts have admitted to restricting procedures to try and help save money.

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No blanket operations ban

31st January 2012

An NHS panel has said local health authorities should not apply a blanket ban on operations.

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