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Tuesday 26th September 2017

Clinical Trials Articles


New Novartis drug to treat malaria

21st August 2017

Clinical trials of new antimalarial medicine launched.

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AstraZeneca heart drug fails

23rd March 2016

Trial of new blood-thinning drug, Brilinta, failed to help stroke patients as hoped.

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GSK heart drug flops

27th October 2015

An experimental heart drug from GSK failed to work as expected in first of a large clinical trial.

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Aspirin clinical trial begins

22nd October 2015

World's largest clinical trial begins to determine if aspirin can stop cancer returning.

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Experimental MS drug proved effective

28th September 2015

Roche has said its experimental MS drug has proved effective in final-stage clinical trial.

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Dogs used to detect prostate cancer

10th August 2015

First ever UK trials using dogs to detect prostate cancer is given the go ahead.

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Malaria vaccine a step closer

27th April 2015

Malaria vaccine enters final clinical trials.

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Call for transparency in medical research

15th April 2015

WHO has released a public statement calling for disclosure of results from clinical trials for medical products.

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Smart insulin undergoing trials

10th February 2015

Smart insulin being trialled which could revolutionise the way diabetes is managed.

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Sponge-on-a-string to test for gullet cancer

4th November 2014

Trial results show a simple sponge-on-a-string test could diagnose cancer of the gullet.

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