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Saturday 23rd June 2018

Policy Articles


New guidelines for coma patients

17th December 2013

New guidelines on the diagnosis and management of people with prolonged disorders of consciousness should help healthcare staff etc.

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New coma guidelines for GPs

12th December 2013

New guidelines say all patients in a coma or vegetative state should have access to specialist care.

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Drug for advanced breast cancer rejected by NICE

8th August 2013

NICE have drafted guidelines to advise the NHS not to routinely provide a treatment for advanced breast cancer.

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World ill-prepared for ageing

2nd October 2012

A report warns governments need to put more policies into place to address the global ageing of populations.

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Sun care policy for schools

15th July 2011

The policy for school sun care 'must change'.

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Mental Health Nursing Skills

13th January 2010

Mental Health Nurses require a diverse skills base to aid service users and their carers on their journey to recovery.

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Mental Health, Service User Involvement and Recovery

26th October 2009

This book provides an overview of service user involvement in mental health, its origins and current practice and policy.

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Sharing Assessment in Health and Social Care: A Practical Handbook for Interprofessional Working

14th September 2009

Shared assessment is the standardised approach to assessment and the sharing of information and documentation within and between health and social care.

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Mencap’s response to report on commissioning of services for people with a learning disability

18th March 2009

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Tory plans for independent NHS

18th October 2006

Politicians should bow out of day to day running of NHS, say Tories.

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