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Sunday 20th May 2018

Iraq Articles


Higher TB rates in London than Iraq

27th October 2015

A report finds parts of London have higher rates of tuberculosis than Rwanda or Iraq.

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GSK investigate alleged bribery in Iraq

7th April 2014

GlaxoSmithKline investigating allegations of bribery in Iraq.

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Double-arm transplant for soldier

29th January 2013

A solider who lost all four limbs in a bomb blast in Iraq has received a double-arm transplant in Baltimore.

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Veterans not benefitting from NHS rights

23rd September 2010

Service veterans are missing out on NHS treatment rights.

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Iraqi doctors use acupuncture

4th May 2010

Acupuncture enabled one hospital to conserve vital stocks of oxytocin used in caesarean childbirth.

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Birth defects rise in Fallujah

9th March 2010

The BBC has been told of the rise in birth defects in Fallujah and US weaponry is being blamed.

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Cholera in Iraq

8th September 2008

Seven cases of cholera have been diagnosed in Iraq in the past two days.

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WHO counts Iraqi deaths

15th January 2008

Household survey estimates 151,000 violent deaths from March 2003 to middle of 2006.

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Iraq's prosthetics crisis

29th July 2007

Iraqis will need thousands of new limbs annually.

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Iraqi city out of power

21st May 2007

Samarra hospitals close, babies die for lack of power to run incubators.

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